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Jagath quickly reached his aim because he was enthusiastic and dedicated. He was dedicated to influencing and initiating a fruitful and lasting international relationship and co-operation between Sri Lanka and Japan.

His experience and wide knowledge of business has been very helpful in developing co-operation and goodwill between the two countries. He is dedicated to any field to which he is exposed and his versatile experience and approach to international matters will be a lasting asset to the whole world.

History of RAMA DBK

The history of RAMADBK runs as far back as 1988. As a young man of 21 years, I was the pioneer of this now well-established company that is housed in our own building in Shin Koyasu in Yokohama. This is only a 20 minute drive from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. I started in 1988 with a Japanese business partner Aihara. Aihara was a father figure for Jagath and worked until his death in 2009. Initially the company faced the big challenge of building a market for used and reconditioned vehicles in Sri Lanka. At that time the vehicle trade was conducted by Japanese exporters in Japan. It was a little different for Jagath to change the Sri Lankan mind to buy Japanese vehicles from a Sri Lankan, but he managed to build up a sense of responsibility and trust among them. Gradually, he became successful in getting the biggest share of the Japanese economy in used vehicle exports. Thus, under his leadership and guidance, RAMADBK Ltd Company has gradually climbed to achieve a distinguished name, not only in Sri Lanka but also in most parts of the world.

The internet has become our platform for vehicle trade. Through our website we daily walk miles and miles around the globe. We have made it very easy for anybody who has access to a computer to select and import a vehicle to his or her taste. The website shows pictures, details and prices of most of the vehicles in our yard, and the person need not go to Japan to buy his or her dream vehicle. A staff of about 40 of different nationalities manages RAMADBK. There are staff members who are fluent in Singhalese, English, Japanese, Tamil, Malay, Russian and a few African languages. Company members in their branch offices located around the world connect daily to the main office in Japan where they ‘meet’ and are updated so that everyone is aware of their duties for the day. The RAMA DBK website relating to vehicle importers is the most popular and accessed site in its category on the internet (Ranked by Alexa Web Sourcing).


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